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Honors and Awards

  • International Teletraffic Congress Rising Scholar Award, 2020
  • Shanghai Rising-Star Program, 2020
  • IEEE ICC 2020 Best Paper Award
  • IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, Exemplary Reviewer
  • IEEE INFOCOM 2019 Best In-Session Presentation Award
  • High-Level Talents Overseas Program of Shanghai, 2018
  • Program for Professor of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar), 2018
  • Several scholarships from THU during undergrad/graduate schools.


  • 主持国家重点研发计划政府间国际科技创新合作重点专项“基于边缘智能的车联网研究”(2019YFE0196600)
  • 主持上海市教委科研创新计划非共识项目“基于无信道编码的极低延时无线通信机制探索”
  • 主持国家自然科学基金青年项目“面向车联网海量高速移动终端的高效信道信息获取机制”

Conference Organization

  • Program Co-Chair:IEEE WCNC 2021 Workshop on Intelligent Computing and Caching at the Network Edge
  • TPC Co-Chair, IEEE IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 Workshop on Information Freshness, Communications, Control, and Computing for Industrial IoT
  • Publicity Co-Chair, IEEE DySPAN 2020
  • Publicity Co-Chair, IEEE WCNC 2020 Workshop on Intelligent Computing and Caching at the Network Edge
  • Publicity Co-Chair, IEEE Globecom 2019 Workshop on Wireless Edge Intelligence

TPC Member

  • IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on AoI, IEEE ICC 2020, IEEE DySPAN 2018, WCNC 2019, PIMRC 2017, APCC 2019…


More Publications

. Age of Information Optimized MAC in V2X Sidelink via Piggyback-Based Collaboration. In IEEE TWC, 2021.

PDF Project

. Age-Optimal Scheduling for Heterogeneous Traffic with Timely Throughput Constraints. In IEEE JSAC, 2021.



Massive MIMO

High-dimensional channel state information structure expoitation.

Stochastic Optimization

Decision making in face of uncertainty.



  • Principles of Communications (Undergrad, Fall and Winter 2019)


  • Advanced linear algebra
  • Queuing Theory


I played for the THU team from 2010 to 2015. We won the champion of Beijing College in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017, and the China College Baseball champion in 2009 (shared) at Guilin, 2013 at Tianjin, 2014 at Wuxi and 2015 at Dalian (shared).

I’m a fan of fantasy baseball and MLB. My favorate MLB team is Boston Redsox.

Check out the proof of the Sheldon Conjecture (not mine)!


PhD students:

  • 彭飞,张薇,张恒 (co-supervised with Prof. Shugong Xu)

MS students:

  • 师毅,刘琰,王颖,曹子胥(2020年国家奖学金),付思雨(2020年国家奖学金),马浩然,辛文博,黄怡杰,汪先领


  • 同学可以在实验室研究方向中选择感兴趣、擅长的领域进行研究;
  • 共同解决科研问题,每周至少一次的面对面指导;
  • 有机会在国际知名会议、期刊发表论文,并参会报告和交流;
  • 表现优异的同学可以获得资助前往国际一流大学、研究所、企业交流实习。


  • zhiyjiang AT foxmail DOT com
  • 12th Building B309, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China